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Italians Rise Up Against “Health Dictatorship” as Country Moves Toward New Lockdown

We Are Change
| Posted by AJ Nelson
| Oct 25, 2020 |

Earlier this year Italy became the first entire nation to impose strict lockdown and social distancing measures when it was the first to see a major coronavirus outbreak outside of Wuhan, China.

By the close of May, just as the United States took the lead globally in number of confirmed cases, Italy’s numbers had fallen and lockdown restrictions were dropped, with its daily infection rate remaining under control through summer. However, Italy’s case numbers began soaring once again starting September into this month.

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Show in Bari, thousands of citizens in the square against lockdown and Conte government: “Patience is over. We are the People, we are not slaves. We are those who command! Today the demonstration is peaceful, tomorrow maybe not. Government, we come to take you to Rome”.