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COVID-19,  Vaccines

The Spike Protein in Covid Vaccines is a Dangerous Toxin.

Dr Byram Bridle, Professor of Viral Immunolog: The spike protein in the covid vaccines is a very dangerous toxin.

This 7 minute video can save your life, your childrens’ lives and your grandchildren’s lives.

The beginning of the Rollback and Whitewash — “We didn’t realize!”

Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine and Physics. It’s an enormous mistake. The corona vaccination is a scientific error and a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that. Because it is the corona vaccination that is creating the variants. The new variants are a production and result from the corona vaccination. You see it in every country, the curve of corona vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths. I’m following this closely and I’m doing studies at present and I will show you that they are creating the variants, that are resistant to the vaccination. Should we be vaccinating during a pandemic?