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Waking up to Wuhan: Eight reasons why this Physician no longer trusts Dr. Fauci, the CDC or the FDA

Madhava Setty, MD

June 1, 2021 – Medium –

Trust the Science. Follow the Guidelines. Let’s get a few things straight. As doctors we know that scientists don’t “trust the science”. Scientists are the most skeptical of “the science”. Scientists know that their conclusions will, at some point, be qualified or overturned. That is how scientific understanding moves forward and evolves. They expect to be proven wrong at some point. That is why we trust their opinion. They trust the scientific method, which is an entirely different thing. In order to do the systematic measurement, experimentation, observation and reformulation of hypotheses, the scientific method demands that we approach what is happening with an open mind, so that all possibilities are on the table to begin with.

We as physicians follow guidelines until the scientists (and physicians that do clinical research) give us new ones to follow. How do we know when new guidelines are necessary? It happens when a new discovery is made or when the guidelines don’t make sense anymore. I believe we are at that point right now.

The idea that the CDC, the NIAID, the FDA and the vaccine manufacturers are all working together, using ethical and rigorous scientific methods to improve our health and safety is a hypothesis; it is not a law or unassailable tenet. It is and always has been up for debate. How does it hold up to the scientific method and open-minded investigation?

I believe we are being misled deliberately. I understand that this is a serious accusation. Here are eight reasons why I believe this to be the case.

#1: SARS-COV2 is most likely the product of our own design and Dr. Fauci as director of the NIAID helped to fund it.

Who would have thought a month ago that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the diminutive doctor with big credentials, the spokesperson of science and a shoo-in for the Presidential Medal of Freedom would be grilled by another physician at a Senate hearing about his role in manufacturing and funding the development of a pernicious pathogen that has taken the lives of over 3.5 million people world wide? Surely many have had to rub their eyes and do a double take on this startling exchange. Was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, MD implying that Dr. Fauci was not only aware of gain of function research being done on a strain of coronavirus in a Wuhan Virology Lab but actually funded the activity through a third party, EcoHealth Alliance using taxpayer money? Yes he was. This is an enormous accusation. It is true that the few million dollars that was paid to EcoHealth Alliance is just a fraction of the billion dollar budget Dr. Fauci controls, however if what Senator Paul is suggesting is true this places Dr. Fauci in a very hot seat. There could be no way that he would not have known that this pandemic most likely started in a laboratory from the very beginning. His year-long ridicule and public disdain of those who had been suggesting this connection speaks volumes about his character and integrity.